What is an Alu Clad Window?

Wood and aluminium windows are described as ‘alu attired’, also referred to as ‘aluminium outfitted’. It is a combination of aluminium and timber frames. Alu clothed is an exceptional low upkeep alternative and is normally utilised for industrial structures or property structures such as apartment. Alu clothed is growing in appeal and being used to boost modern-day style styles as well as to provide defence against the UK’s damp weather conditions.

Alu clad offers the very best of both worlds, offering the natural heat of wood internally, this supplies a high level of insulation as well as permitting it to be lacquered or stained so that the woods natural charm is appreciated. The aluminium functions as a fortification on the outside. It ought to not be puzzled with aluminium windows and doors. The cladding is either carried out by bonding the aluminium to the timber or by clipping it to the timber frames.

Internally alu clothed windows can be finished using natural varnishes or stains or painted to any NCS or RAL colour. Externally, alu dressed is a powder used in any NCS or RAL colour to provide a strong finish.

There are numerous advantages of associated with alu attired windows:

  • Appropriate for all kinds of buildings
  • Appealing prices
  • Unrestricted choice of colours
  • Longevity
  • Passive window options
  • Safeguards the timber from the aspects
  • Offers a dual colour item

Essentially alu clad items transcend, they look wonderful and they are cheap to preserve.

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