Things You Need to Understand About Painting Wood Windows

Painting old wooden window frames can be a complicated prospect, whether attempting it on your own or using a professional painter and designer to carry out the task. That’s why we can put together a couple of handy tips that you really ought to know before you get to work painting your window frames.

1. Timing is essential

The life expectancy of your paint task depends upon a few elements, particularly the type of paint you use and the quantity of stress your window is likely to sustain. Using a less tough wearing paint or living in a location with routine severe weather will decrease the lifespan of your paint substantially. It’s for that reason worth looking at your windows on a yearly basis, at the same time of year, and keep in mind the deterioration of the paint work.

2. Preparation is crucial

Before jumping in with your paint brush, it is important to do some prep work to make sure the best surface. Prior to using any paint, the frame requires to be thoroughly cleaned with a degreaser, and the existing paintwork requires sanding with sandpaper of at least 240 grade to remove paint chips, dust, dirt and debris from the window frames. When this has been completed, a coat of primer need to be used and left to dry prior to proceeding to the paint itself.

3. Insulate as you go

One essential aspect of repainting your windows is to ensure that you make the most of the paint’s own insulating homes to assist with any draughty or cold spots. You can do this by making sure your topcoat of paint a little overlaps on to the glass of the window by around 2mm. This will seal the paint to the window.

4. Know your strategy

Getting the method right for painting wood windows, especially sash and case windows, is essential to making sure that they do not stick and for making certain your paint job looks exceptional. Of all, get rid of ironmongery and reverse the sashes before painting from the bottom of the sash upwards. You can find out more about what order to paint your sashes in over at DIY Doctor.

5. The ideal paint makes all the distinction

As we mentioned above, the paint you use can indicate the difference between years and decades between paint jobs! While there are paints for every single taste and task, one that many of our clients advise is Jotun Demidekk paint. Jotun Demidekk has remarkable colour and gloss retention properties, as well as including homes that prevent the growth of mildews. Not only that, however Jotun Demidekk has a 12 year guarantee, implying you can get used to fewer paint jobs on your windows!

6. Don’t hesitate to include an additional coat!

If you are painting the windows yourself, or if you have an expert doing it for you, don’t be afraid to add an additional coat of paint! Adding an additional coat of a paint like Jotun Demidekk assists maintain the finish for a longer period, and this holds true for many paints. If you are using an expert to paint your windows, be sure to get a quote for the suitable variety of quotes. It will save you money in the long run!

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